Starsky Cycling Club Oppen Road Race Series 2021

Enter the Grange Castle Night Criterium NOW – 3rd Sept 2021 – BOOK HERE

Entries open each Friday after an event @21:00hrs
Entries close Friday before each race @ 13:00hrs

Fridays @ 6.30pm

30 July 2021 18:30 | R-125 Johnstown Co. Meath

13 August 2021 18:30 | R-125 Johnstown Co. Meath

20 August 2021 18:30 | Manor Kilbride W91 A37U

27 August 2021 18:30 | Manor Kilbride W91 A37U

03 September 2021 21:00 | Grange Castle Night Criterium – ENTER HERE NOW!!


The Starsky Cycling Club Open Road Race Series 2021 will commence on 30th July 2021 and run over July to September- total 5 races, our last race will happen on 3rd September 2021.

Last race will take place in Grage Castle Night Criterium 20 laps and a total distance of 44 kilometres.

ROUND 4 – 27th August 2021

Route can be found on Strava: Here 

Roll-out location: Ballyfoyle, Co. Wicklow 53°11’37.3″N 6°28’07.0″W

Finish location: Ballyfoyle, Co. Wicklow 53°11’35.2″N 6°28’06.1″W

Roll-out time: 6.30 pm sharp.

Parking is provided at the Roll-Out Location

Please adhere to social distancing prior to roll-out and do not share any equipment/supplies with anyone.

To enter, at a cost of €17, you must hold a full/limited competition license and book via Cycling Ireland (?). Cut off for sign-on/check-in is Thursday 12 August 2021 20:00 pm day before race. There will be a limited number of places available for each category (total of 200 riders for all categories combined – A1/A2/A3/A4/women/juniors).
Please note no physical registration is allowed – all sign-on and check-in activities are to be completed online.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation you must complete or update the Self-Assessment Personal Screening Questionnaire before each round and have the Sport Ireland Covid-19 e-learning course completed. Please heed marshals’ safety advice on the day. You’re kindly asked to disperse immediately after the race: no loitering and group meet-ups are allowed.

NB: The three winners are asked to stay around at a social distance to receive their trophy shortly after the finish. The results will be posted online on Starsky Cycling website ( up to 48hrs after the race.

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race start location - Manor Kilbride W91 A37U

race start location

Manor Kilbride W91 A37U