Gran Fondo Wicklow 2020


Gran Fondo Wicklow is a brand new event coming to Ireland on June 27th 2020. We decided to take up Wicklow Mountain cycling to the next level… The routes of 86 km (Medio Fondo) and 120 km (Gran Fondo) are set within the most breathtaking scenery in Wicklow Mountains you will ever experience. Both routes are challenging, with Gran Fondo targeted for the strongest, most seasoned of the riders. 200 km in Wicklow Mountains is said to be one of the toughest you will experience, but we guarantee you another level of a challenge with our Gran Fondo. Check out the routes and sign up for the ultimate test of your skill, power and endurance.

Gran Fondo Wicklow will take place on Saturday 27th June 2020.

Start and finish line for both 86 and 120 km routes is set at Manor Kilbride Community Hall. The routes are now available to preview below:

There are 2 food stops provided: at 42 km for all participants (Gran Fondo and Medio Fondo) and 98 km for Gran Fondo riders only.

Standard entry fee €55 covers hot food, drink and medal at the finish line, as well as water and snacks at food stops. The hot food provided will include a choice of soup, vegetarian option, standard option as well as hot and cold drinks.

Additional fees of €5 and €1, respectively, will allow the participants to enter a raffle to win a full carbon custom made Specialized bike, and one of three Mavic Cosmic Pro wheel-sets. There will also be smaller prizes such as goggles, cycling gloves and cycling socks to keep everyone cheerful!

Important note: proceeds of the raffle funds will be entirely donated to Irish Paracycling team for Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

The event is Cycling Ireland approved, i.e. existing CI memberships are valid and therefore you are insured under your own license at this event.


Location: Manor Kilbride, Co. Wicklow
Date: June 27, 2020
Duration: 1 Day
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