The VOTT in Gran Canaria With what's happening in the world right now we just wish to be back in Gran Canaria and climb the Valley of the Tears 😵 as tough as the segment is, I'd do it every day if that made Covid-19 go away! With an average gradient of 7.9% over 11.9 km, 1040 m climbing and max gradient of 25%, this is a very well known cyclist hell 😱 two of Starskycycling attempted this segment and were rewarded with some stunning views, check out the video in the next post later today 😉 Source

Seamus Kennedy memorial race - 1st race of the season 💪🏼 One of our riders competed today in A3 classification and placed 10th. It was a tough race, especially given we've ridden in dry conditions and 26degC for the past week and were met with a hail shower and 5degC at the starting line! Well done to Pawel for giving this 115k race a go, plenty more to come 😉 Photo by @Sean Rowe Source

The leader of our club, Kazik, undertook a tremendous challenge of 180 km and nearly 5000 m climbing in Gran Canaria yesterday. He timed it perfectly with his careful training leading up to the big event. The legs are strong 💪🏼 To ride such a distance solo is a phenomenal achievement and we're super proud. Well done, bravissimo 👏 we can only hope that we can be half as fit at his age 😅 Source