Starsky Cycling Road Race Series 2021 - Night Criterium Results

Uff what a night! 

Hi all! I want to announce the results of last night but first I wanted to mention those who did a great job helping us provide you with results. I can say it was a challenge but we stood up to the task and I can say it was more than just a success! Thank you <3


Congratulations goes to all participating. It was a challenge for you all to race after the sunset! Special congratulations goes to;

A1, A2, A3

1st Luke Joel from UCD CC

2nd Saran Greene from Lucan Cycling Road Club

3rd Cian Keogh from Willebrord Wil Vooruit



1st James Delaney from Lucan Cycling Road Club

2nd Tony Woods from Clontarf Cycling Club

3rd Paul Conroy from Dublin Wheelers



1st Autumn Collins

2nd Jenifer Neenan

3rd Aideen Keenan from Dublin 


1st unplaced A2

Andrew Keogh from Lucan Cycling Road Club


1st unplaced A3

Garry Donohue from BIKEWORX Celbrige



Starsky Cycling Club League Series Winners are! 

Diarmuid O Brien from Collins Cycle Centre Race Team 


Jennifer Bates Torelli-Assure-Cayman Islands-Scimitar

Congratulation to everyone 



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