Hey guys, thank you SO MUCH for your support of our, cancelled now, event. We were delighted to be able to run the series for the 5 weeks and had an absolute ball. We will be honored to keep going, so expect us back with an oomph in Spring 2021 – we promise bigger and better ?

Now, as for the refunds, one of Dublin Wheeler’s, Fergus Craddock, posted a comment on our www.starskycycling.ie website with a suggestion to use his refund as a donation for chemotherapy for Inez – we also got a similar message from Aidan, who also wanted to donate his refund to Inez.

If this is something you’d like to do, just drop us an email/message and we will donate your €17 to Inez.

Thank you for the suggestion Fergus! Thank you all for registering and once again, we’re so sorry to have to cancel. All the best folks.


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