A bit of a different type of post today guys…. As you may be aware, running a series of races requires some effort from all involved, in particular moto marshals. Without them, the groups would not be piloted, escorted and their safety would not be the same! Over the last few weeks we received priceless, tremendous help from a few solid moto marshals, and for that we are incredibly thankful.

It has come to our attention, that one of the marshal’s little one is diagnosed with Stage 4 Ewings Sarcoma (a very rare type of cancerous tumor that grows in your bones or the soft tissue around the bones, such as cartilage or the nerves; affecting people from the ages of 10 to 20 and has a high rate of being cured).

We don’t ask you to donate here specifically, though of course, if you wish, the link is supplied below, but we wanted to share with you guys that a percentage of the Eventmaster ticket price to our race on the 10th October will be donated to Inez for her chemotherapy. We are extremely thankful for the support we are getting from volunteers and wish to help those who need our help in every way we can.

Hope to see you guys on the 10th! ???

Votrient – non refundable chemo, organized by Roksana Wypych

As you all know, Inez went through chemo and radiotherapy in 2018/2019 for her 4th sta… Roksana Wypych needs your support for Votrient – non refundable chemo

If you wish to help

2 thoughts on “Votrient – non refundable chemo, organized by Roksana Wypych

  1. Fergus Craddock says:

    Hi there
    I was due to race this Saturday’s race in Rathcoole and, like many, are disappointed that it isn’t able to go ahead due to COVID restrictions. I would be happy to donate my entry to the fund but wanted to see if that was something you might like to alert other riders to as there may be the interest in making good from the cancellation in supporting Inez’s cause and treatment.

    While this Saturday would’ve been my first Starsky event, I have heard many great things about previous rounds and well done on adding on another well organised event to the Irish racing calendar.

    Best wishes

    Fergus Craddock
    Dublin Wheelers

  2. Kasha Gniado says:

    Hi Fergus, thank you so much for your incredibly kind message. We will of course use your ticket to transfer funds for Inez’s treatment, we thank you for this from the bottom of our heart. We are delighted to know you heard only good opinions of our events and we hope to be back bigger and better in Spring 2021. If you don’t mind Fergus, we will use this message on our Facebook page and Eventmaster as an idea for those who are awaiting their refunds – your idea is just fantastic. Thank you once again. Take care Fergus and keep spinning!

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