Official results from 2nd Starsky CC Open RR Series below πŸ‘‡

Congratulations! πŸ₯³ Special congratulations to the first female finisher, Carthach McCarthy for finishing in the bunch πŸ‘Š

Are you on the list? Are you going to aim to get closer to the top next week…. 😎
Register on Eventmaster now – link below πŸ‘‡


First NameLast NameClubCatNoPosition
ShaneCallDrogheda WheelersJR1401
MarkMc GirrLakelandA11402
CiaranHallinanDunboyne Cycling ClubA22703
SeanLandersUCD Cycling ClubA11144
FrankO LearySpellman-Dublin PortA38555
MarkShieldsClonard RCA35386
AidanFarrellLakeside Wheelers Mullingar CCA48187
AidanMc DonnellMaynooth Cycling ClubA3548
LukeGinnellQuanta Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling ClubA34119
RaymondMolyneauxNavan Road ClubA312310
AdamGreallySt. Tiernans Cycling ClubA2207
AidanTanseyDunboyne Cycling ClubA41246
AndyGrehanLucan Cycling Road ClubA4721
AnitaSalwaStarsky CyclingA41171
AonghusO HeochaQuanta Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling ClubA4709
AureliuszKlusStamullen RCA2226
CarthachMc CarthyQuanta Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling ClubA3873
DarranKearneyQuanta Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling ClubA4103
DiarmuidO BrienMarble City CyclersA4629
FergalMc CabeOldcastle CCA4912
FrankMc DermottOldcastle CCA3108
GarryBlairQuanta Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling ClubA2102
GaryWalshCastleknock Cycling ClubA4154
GregSenkoStarsky CyclingA4263
IanO HaraLucan Cycling Road ClubA3263
JohnPriestLucan Cycling Road ClubA350
John RMaherDublin WheelersA41232
JonathanMartinFour Masters CCA41126
LorcanCaffreyLakeside Wheelers Mullingar CCA4928
LoughlinCampionAshbourne Wheelers Cycling ClubA3769
MarkMearnsLucan Cycling Road ClubA2273
PaulConroyDublin WheelersA41025
RobbieFitzsimonsSkane WheelersA4810
SeanMullenUn-Attached LeinsterA3851
ShaunKellyQuanta Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling ClubA4217
SheamusCaffreySkane WheelersA3451
ThomasBolgerLucan Cycling Road ClubA4892
TimothyO ReganTeam WORCA156
TomaszDomuratStarsky CyclingA41162
TonyO FarrellVelo Club BalrotheryA41179
ZbigniewWieczorekStarsky CyclingA41172

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