September 2019

Too wet to go road cycling? 🌧 Follow Greg's example and unleash your inner beast in the mountains. Last Sunday Greg took Pawel to Powerscourt Waterfall for what looked like a wild, wet morning! Being powerful on a road bike is one thing but being so nimble and fast on an MTB bike is an achievement. Pawel is in bits today but as can be seen from the photos and the video - he and Greg were in their element! Source

Every cloud has a silver lining Like in any sport, sometimes we're in top form and reach for gold, and other times, even though we want to perform, we cannot. A lesson to be learned by each one of us who is into racing. The Cycling Ireland Masters that took place in Gorey last Sunday turned out to be more challenging than anticipated. Nevertheless, well done to Andrzej, Kazik & Oriol for giving it their best shot. 👏 Source